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RV / Camper Financing Kentucky

Why Finance Your Camper / RV With Us?

Purchase your new RV stress-free with our special financing option. Just take a few minutes to fill out the credit application. It’s safe, secure, and confidential. We’ll help you determine the size and type of RV that fits into your budget. You’ll be hitting the road with your dream RV before you know it!

Many of our lenders have specialized departments for RV lending. These lenders understand the loans better than anyone and therefore offer rates and terms that are almost always better than a your personal bank or credit union.

Mastercraft’s RV Center almost always has:

    • Longer terms than your local bank
    • Lower APRs
    • Easier finance since we take care of the paperwork for you
    • No downpayment options for some with credit score 710 and over

Our partner banks offer everything from credit for individuals with blemishes to long and cheap rates for top credit.

Please note, we do not “Lot finance.” We do not offer buy here pay here services.

We are often asked about rate and term.  Rates vary based on your credit file, not just your score and we often do not know the rate until after we get a reply from the bank.  Terms do vary from bank to bank but we can offer a few guidelines:

    • $10,000 and under max length 96 months
    • $10,000 - $15,000 max 120 months
    • $15,000 - $20,000 max 144 months
    • $20,000 - $50,000 max 180 months
    • $50,000+ max 240 months

These are the longest terms for excellent credit, terms offered may be lower.

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What Makes Us Different    rv dealer google reviews

  • Mastercraft RV Center sold my Rv by consignment. They were very professional, courteous and kind while managing the sale. I was very pleased with their service.
  • I was halfway through an 8000 mile trip and I started having issues with my electrical harness between my coach and tow vehicle. I called Mastercraft and they said bring it in and they’ll look at it. They diagnosed the problem and found a replacement part locally. I’ve not had any issues since. I greatly appreciate how quickly Mastercraft resolved my problem.
  • Great people to work with. They fixed all the issues on my Pleasure-Way class B RV in a timely manner and very reasonable cost. Thank you for keeping informed through the process.